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We are looking for qualified, experienced and motivated educators to join our team. If you would like to earn some decent money on the evenings, weekends or during the holidays but do not want to set up website, mess about with marketing, scheduling, administration or accounting, this is the perfect opportunity for you! We find the clients, schedule them in and make sure that you get paid directly after the lesson.



Marbella Tutors has over 30 subjects that we offer for ages 3 all the way up to 18 years old and have practical and technical courses for adult learners. Let us know which subjects that you teach and which qualifications you support.



Our current team has over 60 teachers and tutors. Our teachers are paid instantly after the lesson and we guarantee payment if a parent cancels with short notice or does not show up to an online lesson. We can pay you via a bank transfer, Bizum, PayPal or Revolt. Our administration team will contact you to check your availability before scheduling a lesson.



We have hundreds of  followers on social media and we run paid advertising campaigns to attract new customers. Marbella tutors also invests in graphic designers to create our branding. Our marketers are working hard to find new clients, that we can match you with. All you need to do is sit back and wait for some extra work to come in to supplement your income!

How to Apply to Work with Us

What is the process to work with us..

Police Check

Marbella Tutors requires out teachers to have a police check. Please send this to us.


Email us your CV with your qualifications and pedological experience. We need a list of exactly which courses you teach.


Which areas do you cover? When are you free and what is your hourly rate? How would you like to be paid? Let us know.

Sit Back and Wait

We will contact you via email or Whats App when we have a potential match. We will then confirm all the details.

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Earn some extra cash! Are you saving for a house, wedding , a holiday? We can provide an extra income stream for you.

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How it Works?

Go through the recruitment process and get matched with families for online or in house lessons!

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Flexible Hours

We work around your schedule. We will offer you work but there is no obligation to accept, every job is negotiable.

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Get out all the hassle of marketing, scheduling and admin. Every extra hour you work is billable!

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